About us

Some people have the wondrous fortune of a guardian angel to watch over them… Marie Potter has a house-full and a store-full of them! For every moment of her life, from a very young age, Marie has had angels all around her – guiding her, motivating her, embracing her. Some of the angels are visible only to her, able to be seen and accessed only by faith, but many more are the physical kind that she has collected through the years. And now she makes available to everyone, through her Touched By Our Angels Internet store, angels like the ones she has collected and many others, including angel dolls, pendants, statues, ornaments, and angel wall art, angels and crosses, angels with children, crystal angels, angel memorial boxes, angel night lights, and angels with animals, etc.

As a young girl Marie suffered from a health problem, which she still deals with to this day. Her friends and family began giving her angel dolls and angel ornaments, to help her cope with her medical challenges. The protective and loving comfort of the angels enveloped her, and they continue to heal her to this very day. Time passed, and she accumulated more and more angels of every type and size, including those which she would purchase herself whenever she’d discover a new or different type of angel. Her personal collection grew and grew.

At last count, her personal collection has grown to nearly 400 angels. Her home has become a peaceful sanctuary, in which the angels – from the tiniest pendants and dolls to 4-foot-tall statues – are tenderly arranged throughout as well as within beautiful cherry curio cabinets.

Marie has always wanted everyone to have access to the same healing and inspiring power of angels that she has gained throughout her life. Yet there was no one place that specialized in selling angels, angels of all sorts, and as she began using the Internet, it gradually dawned on her that she could be the one to create a company that would offer every imaginable kind of angel – from angels with crosses to Christmas angels, from garden angels to memorial angels, from angels as night lights to angels on wind chimes.

So Marie set about to create Touched By Our Angels and has made a home for the company – at www.touchedbyourangels.com – where everyone can find and purchase the winged guardians of health and goodness. Touched By Our Angels has angels of all sorts, ranging in price from $20 or lower up to $680 for some. Always on the lookout for angels everywhere, she enjoys looking thru catalogs for the special angels that will grace her store and secures them at the best prices from the most respected American vendors, including Angel Star, Roman Inc., Precious Moments, and others.

Originally born in Missouri, Marie lived most of her life in Oregon, where she attended high school and college, before moving to Seattle. She has worked for many years as a manager in a dental office, gradually saving up money so that one day she could start her own business, offering to the world the opportunity to be truly Touched By Our Angels.

For Marie Potter, Touched By Our Angels is much more than a store. And the angels she sells are much more than mere dolls or ornaments. Touched By Our Angels is the culmination of a dream Marie has had from the very first time that she sensed the warm and loving presence of an angel about her. Every since, she dreamed of the day that she could share with all her family and friends – indeed, to everyone – the protective peace and joy that angels give. Touched By Our Angels is the fulfillment of that dream.