Discover Glass Angel Figurines in Our Crystal Collection

We have two very special glass angel figurines in our Crystal Collection. If you are looking for a really special gift for an angel-lover in your life, consider these two special pieces: 

  • 5.5" LED Lited Praying Angel $25.50 
    This sweet little angel kneels down in prayer, sending you her best wishes and guidance. It's even prettier when the LED light is turned on, making her inner light shine for all to see. 
  • LED Baby in Wings Figurine $34.50
    A sweet baby angel rests gently in crystal wings perched on a heavenly cloud. It's a touching picture of peace which is softly lit from within by an LED light. 

Either of these glass angel figurines would make a great gift, and we especially love the idea of giving them to a child as a nightlight. They'll see an image of an angel guarding over them, with a nightlight to fend off the darkness while they sleep. It's a gift that that will use for years and treasure even as they grow older, perhaps even passing on to their own children in the future. 

These are just two of the glass angel figurines available in our online store. We are very pleased to offer many other options so you can find the one that's right for your loved ones. Place an order with us today and when you spend $100 or more we will ship your items for free. Give the gift of a beautiful angel to your loved ones and get the best deals on the best selection in our online store.