Signs You Have a Guardian Angel

Does everyone have a guardian angel, or is it only a lucky few? That may be hard for us to answer, but for those who have felt or suspected the presence of a guardian angel, it's a wonderful and powerful thing. Here are some signs you may have an angel watching over you: 

  • Strange coincidences. This is one of the most common signs you have an angel watching out for you. Coincidences where plans seems to come together perfectly all at once, or a chance meeting with a person you've needed to see, or even an unexpected windfall right when you needed it the most could be a sign you have a heavenly being watching over you. 
  • Avoiding harm. Some people seem to be lucky when it comes to avoiding harm...but is it luck or an angel? They may run late for a train that later derails, or decide to take a different route to work and later discover they missed a terrible accident. That could be a sign an angel is gently guiding you. 
  • Physical signs. Some people hear music, others find small gifts like pennies or rocks, and still others feel warmth or tingling in their body. These could all be signs you have a guardian angel watching over you.

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